Top Ten Most Popular Sports in Canada (part 2)

4. Cricket

Canada is not sanctioned to join test matches but the national team is allowed to take part in One Day International Matches. Canada had a competitive women’s cricket team and the U-19 that participated in three U-19 World Cup events.

Canadian cricket is governed by the Cricket Canada, founded in 1892 to organize domestic games. The body has introduced the National T20 Championship and the Scotia Shield U-19 domestic competitions.

5. Tennis

Tennis is another popular sport in Canada. Canadian tennis is governed by Tennis Canada, the organization that maintains its commitment to developing tennis in the country by provoking participation in this sport at local, national, and international level.

It is interesting that the number of Canadians who play tennis above four times a year increased. Among them, 50% are younger than 25 years old. Tennis ranks at No. 5 in this list of top 10 most popular sports in Canada.

6. Rugby

Rugby was introduced by the Royal Navy in Canada in 1823. It quickly developed in different parts of the country. The game was re-introduced by the formation of the national team and an armature domestic competition even though it disappeared completely from the country.

Canada Rugby League - Top Ten Most Popular Sports in Canada (part 2)

The Canadian rugby league hosts some domestic and professional competitions and the rugby union has four regional teams in the championship with more than 13,000 senior players and junior players, particularly in British Columbia.

7. Baseball

Baseball is also one of the most popular sports in Canada. Canadian baseball is governed by Baseball Canada based in Ottawa. The world’s oldest baseball park is still operated in Labatt Park in Ontario. According to the Toronto Blue Jays, the country has only one Major League.

The country also features some independent league teams which take part in the American Association and the Can-Am League.

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