The NHL remains focused on the beginning of Jan. 1 to 2020-21

NHL board of directors has received a review, but there is no firm date for when the 2020-21 campaign will begin.

Despite high expectations after commissioner Gary Bettman and deputy commissioner Bill Daly delivered a regular call with the owners 31 to Thursday at 3:30 pm, they did not give much in response but remained focused on the goal of trying to start the season on January 1st.

Bettman and Daly have told management that talks will continue with the NHL Players ’Association to try to secure an agreement for the 2020-21 campaign. They understand that there is a sense of urgency if they are going to hit the target date and the NHLPA is also holding a call to renew their team representatives.

nhl - The NHL remains focused on the beginning of Jan. 1 to 2020-21

In the meantime, players want to start again because they would like to play as many games as possible for financial reasons. Both sides know they will hit something as high as the result of this season and that’s where the owners are hesitant.

The fact is that it can make the extra financial sense of some owners less playable at all.

While the league decided to return to complete the playoffs in Edmonton and Toronto in July, it was designed to help the NHL fulfill its obligations in its national television agreements with Rogers in Canada and NBC in the United States. Instead of taking $ 1.1 billion in revenue, the league suffered about $ 600 million.

However, players are not paid in the playoffs and receive their final salaries when the season is temporarily suspended on March 11. During this time, owners will be able to earn salaries and expenses without fans at the stations, at least to begin with, and that is a major financial commitment.

The NHL does not have major television contracts such as those enjoyed by the NFL, NBA and MLB. Many of those leagues are paid their salaries during the kick-off, making the first three points or the first half of the season crossing the plate.

Both sides want to play and need to find a way forward to make it a reality.

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