Canada Rugby League Association has urged Super League to sake sport’s future

The Canada Rugby League Association (CRLA) has urged Super League to consider the future of rugby league by keeping Toronto Wolfpack.

The CRLA, founded in July 2010 by Eric Perez, is rugby’s governing body in the country and is responsible for the national team.

In an open letter to Super League ahead of their meeting to discuss the future of the Toronto Wolfpack, the CRLA President Bob Jowett said that the decision regarding the fate of the Toronto Wolfpack would have influence in the future of the rugby league.

Canada Rugby League - Canada Rugby League Association has urged Super League to sake sport’s future

The letters that have been posted by players, fans, the Mayor of Toronto speak volumes to the support that the Toronto Wolfpack have generated since their foundation a few years ago.

The influence of the Toronto Wolfpack has gone far beyond Ontario, Toronto, Canada and the UK as well. At the IRL meeting in York in 2018, Jowett discussed about the Toronto Wolfpack with delegates representing countries from around the world. He said that the delegates’ opinion was unanimous, the presence of a professional club outside the key countries such as England, France, and New Zealand is a godsend – a vision for a truly international future for the rugby league.

Therefore, Jowett emphasized that their decision would have repercussions worldwide for the sake of rugby league, one of the world’s greatest sports, look beyond hot local issues.  The decision also show how the governing bodies of the sport care for players, supporters, and, most importantly, the future of the league.

Unluckily, in spite of the presence of Toronto, Canada’s national men’s team didn’t succeed to qualify for the 2021 World Cup.

That has been attributed to their rivals, especially the US and Jamaica, relying on heritage players.

Canada’s national women’s team swill feature in the Women’s World Cup, competing with England, Brazil, and Papua New Guinea .

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