About Karting Québec

James J. Ross used to live in western Canada with his wife and children. When times became harder, they were forced to move to Québec, and both had to find a job to support the house. James started a job as a sailor for a touristic agency and things started to get better.

Sports and Blogs

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As he has always been interested in sports, especially sports betting, James came up with the idea of writing a blog just for fun, to please his coworkers who encouraged him to do so. He was always helping his friends with betting advice, that’s why the magazine started to grow, and he began to take it to another level.

After saving some money for hosting, a new camera, and a new laptop to start working with, Karting Québec became what it is today. A sports platform that would help him and others to inform and entertain.

Karting Québec – Target & Goals

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Karting Québec is full of information about sports and sports betting. For that, building up a team that helps James to deliver facts and the latest sports news was necessary. Karting Québec also offers tips on live betting platforms to entertain players and making it even more fun.